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Using Handwriting to Improve Post Neuro-Injury

You may be wondering, ‘why, in 2019, do I need to work on my handwriting where the machines are taking over and 99% of my written communication takes place on a computer?” That’s a great question and a fair (if sobering) observation. Penmanship, calligraphy, and handwriting are all falling out of fashion as a communication… Read More

Calligraphy Tutorials can Help You Improve Your Handwriting

Calligraphy is a gorgeous style of handwriting done using a special pen that has a nib to allow the lines to be thick or thin, depending on the pressure you use when you’re writing. This style of writing is actually hundreds of years old and was used long ago when people needed to use a… Read More

How to Do Hand Lettering to Improve Penmanship

Your handwriting has formed over years of writing. When you first started learning how to write your letters, you practiced each one over and over until you had the basic shape down pat. Once you mastered the shapes of the letters, you likely didn’t put as much time into actually practicing the letters, but just… Read More

How to Improve Handwriting for Adults

Since computers have become mainstream and now actually fit in your pocket, there’s not as much of a need to write things down with a pen. You may send birthday cards each year and sign your own name or you’ll write down your grocery list, but you may have noticed that your handwriting has gotten… Read More

How to Improve Handwriting with Hand Lettering

Even when you try to write properly and make your letters look nice, you eventually go back to your messy handwriting that you don’t really like. You try to write slowly at first, but you can’t really get your ideas on paper fast enough if you’re writing slowly, so you speed up and end up… Read More