Our Mission

The Atlanta NeuroEthics Consortium (ANEC) seeks to advance and support innovative neuroethics research and education and provide public outreach by bringing together individuals and institutions who are concerned with the ethical, legal and social implications of emerging neuroscience research and technology, and the neuroscientific foundations of moral behavior.  Specifically, ANEC aims to:

1. Bridge academic and industry neuroscientists for exchange of ideas and to serve as an idea incubator.

2. Create innovative curricula including opportunities for students to study real world scenarios and execute real world problem-solving in neuroscience with corporate and academic stakeholders.

3. Support cutting-edge public programming to highlight significant advances in neuroscience and discuss applications in society, policy, and law.

4. Provide a network of neuroethics experts with diverse expertise (such as bioethics, medical ethics, law, neuroscience, philosophy, and policy) for neuroethics consultation for government, industry, and NGOs.