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At Atlanta Neuro Ethics, we strive to help those who are recovering from a neuro-injury. One of the ways we do this is by stressing the importance of patients practicing handwriting to increase hand-eye coordination, improve fine motor skills, and more. When we recommend handwriting practice to our patients, we often suggest to learn new skills and find fun yet educational ways to practice. In our review of Skillshare, learn why we recommend this site.

Handwriting Improvement Skills

Handwriting varies from person to person. Those who have suffered a neuro-injury might find their handwriting has suffered as a result. While computers and smartphones are quickly becoming the most-used means of communication, improving handwriting skills is still crucial. It helps our patients with more than just the ability to write down their thoughts. It also helps with their fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and other skills essential for daily life. We recommend patients work to improve their handwriting to help boost these skills as well as how their handwriting looks, even if they prefer typing over writing.

Classes Offered on Skillshare

We recommend in this review because it offers an easy way for our patients to take a variety of classes. It can be boring to simply write the alphabet repeatedly, but that isn’t the only way to improve handwriting. Through Skillshare’s classes, our patients learn calligraphy or other types of hand lettering that are fun to play around with and that use the skills they need to learn. When we review Skillshare, we see that the website offers different classes that make it easier for our patients to have fun and to practice handwriting skills that will help them in more areas of their life. When they finish one class, they can easily try another one.

Free and Premium Classes

Our review describes how Skillshare offers both free and premium classes. When we recommend Skillshare to our patients, we let them know they can start with free classes. Skillshare has a lot of free calligraphy and hand-lettering classes, so patients don’t have to worry about the price of classes in the beginning. As they improve, we may suggest checking out the premium classes. Though these require a fee, they are affordable and provide many benefits for our patients, such as the ability to download lessons. Plus, there are more premium handwriting and hand-lettering classes for our patients to enjoy.

Why We Recommend These Classes

We want our patients to recover from their neuro-injury and get back to enjoying their lives. A large part of their recovery may be relearning skills they lost because of their injury. Whether they need to improve fine-motor skills, need to work on their coordination, or just need to practice their handwriting, we think the Skillshare classes are perfect. With both free and premium options available, our patients can stick to their budget and learn new skills to help them recover from a neuro-injury.

Why We Like SkillShare

Skillshare’s classes offer incredible benefits for our patients. They’re easy to use and understand. Instead of just boring handwriting practice, our patients get to have fun learning new hand lettering or calligraphy techniques. They don’t walk away just having learned how to write again. Instead, they improve their handwriting and gain new skills they can use later. When we reviewed Skillshare, we find the classes are easy for our patients to follow along with. They also appreciate the free and paid classes because it ensures our patients can try out as many of the hand-lettering classes as they like while working on their recovery.

Better handwriting can help many of our patients who have suffered a neuro-injury. Practicing handwriting is crucial for those who are recovering because it helps them to relearn a variety of skills. As stated in this Skillshare review, we believe this is an excellent website that has really helped our current patients find fun ways to practice their handwriting and has made it easy for them to make sure they can learn new skills that they enjoy. We recommend this website for current and future patients because it makes classes fun for our patients while they’re learning how to improve their handwriting and other essential skills. Check out other Skillshare reviews.