Dr Vincent (GSU) discusses neurolaw, Feb 4

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On Tuesday, February 4th, Dr Nicole Vincent, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Law and Neuroscience at Georgia State University (GSU), will deliver the following talk at GSU’s Neuroscience Institute (NI) seminar series:

Neuroscientific Solutions to Legal Problems, and Legal Problems with Neuroscientific Solutions
This talk will begin with an overview of the most salient and interesting problems (ranging across criminal, civil, and constitutional law, but put in laymen’s language) that are currently being tackled in the interdisciplinary field of neurolaw. I will then discuss a specific civil liability problem created by putative cognitive enhancement medications (e.g. modafinil, ritalin) and other direct-brain-intervention based techniques such as trans-cranial direct current stimulation of the brain. I will finish by listing several specific ways in which neuroscientists and psychologists in Atlanta can get involved in neurolaw research projects under development at GSU.

The talk will be held at 10am in Room 124 of GSU’s Petit Science Center on the corner of Decatur Street SE and Piedmont Avenue SE, Atlanta (map here).