Neuroethics Lunch at Emory: Enhancing Motivation

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This Wednesday (March 18), Emory will host a Neuroethics and the News lunch from noon to 1pm. Dr. John Banja (Emory University) will lead discussion of a paper released earlier this year in AJOB Neuroscience titled, “Enhancing Motivation by the use of Prescription Stimulants: The Ethics of Motivation Enhancement.” While drugs like Adderall are often thought to improve memory and cognitive skills, there is emerging evidence that individuals may be taking this drug (and others like it) to get a certain “motivational edge” or even to self-medicate mild to severe forms of apathy.

Should we do something to regulate these practices? Do we want to live in a society that allows or promotes such practices? Come to Emory on Wednesday to discuss these questions and more! Details are provided below.

When: Wednesday, March 18 from noon-1pm
Where: Center for Ethics, Room 162

Seating is limited and RSVP is required. RSVP to by Monday, March 16, if you wish to attend..

Full citation for article:
Kjærsgaard, T. (2015) Enhancing Motivation by Use of Prescription Stimulants: The Ethics of Motivation Enhancement. AJOB Neuroscience, 6(1), 4-10.