Neurophilosophy at GSU this Friday!

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Georgia State University is hosting a Neurophilosophy Forum this Friday, February 6. Dr. Chandra Sripada (Psychiatry & Philosophy, University of Michigan) will kick off the Spring 2015 Neurophilosophy series with a talk titled, “Addiction, Fallibility and Responsibility.” In his talk, Dr. Sripada will consider and outline an alternative framework for conceptualizing addiction, and discuss the normative impact of this shift in thinking.

The next Neurophilosophy Forum is slated for Friday, March 6, 2015. Dr. Joshua Knobe (Yale University) will visit GSU and discuss the common-sense belief of having a “true self” and the role that it plays in shaping other beliefs and biasing moral judgments.

Both talks will take place at 25 Park Place, 16th Floor Conference Room from 3pm to 5pm. For posted abstracts, and background papers, please click here .

Generally, there is a lengthy Q&A session following the talk (at least 45 minutes). This provides a fantastic opportunity to actively engage with the presenter. We hope to see you there!