Neuroethics Lunch at Emory: Neuro in the Courtroom on January 29

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Emory University hosts Neuroethics lunches once a month geared towards particular trends, news stories and recent publications in the field. This month, Dr. Scott Lilienfeld (Emory Psychology), and Julia Marshall (Emory Undergraduate Neuroethics Fellow) will lead a discussion on the introduction of neuroscience evidence into the courtroom. Do we need this evidence? Do brain scans bring anything new to the table? Or do they bias judges and jurors in ways that are problematic? These may be questions that pop up over lunch this Thursday, January 29. These lunches are a fantastic opportunity to actively engage with scholars and peers, freshening up on recent publications and news in the field! For those interested, please check out the details below.

Location: Center for Ethics, Room 102
When: 11:45am-12:45pm
RSVP: Seating is limited. Please shoot an email to to secure your seat!