Recent Book Release: Dr. Ted Blumoff (Mercer University)

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Dr. Ted Blumoff’s book, When Nature and Nurture Collide: Early Childhood Trauma, Adult Crime, and the Limits of Criminal Law was recently published and released this year (Carolina Academic Press). Dr. Blumoff also had an article published in Law and Psychology Review, providing reflection on the law’s rationality and insanity standards (Blumoff, T. Rationality, Insanity, and the Insanity Defense: Reflections on the Limits of Reason. (2014). Law & Psychology Review, Vol 39). Finally, Dr. Blumoff will present his paper titled, Executing Schizophrenics: Identity and the Construction of “Synthetic” Competency at ANEC’s Neuro-Interventions and the Law Conference in September. All three of these works are heavily informed by recent research in neuroscience.