Stephanie Hare featured on Neuroethics Women Leaders website

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Stephanie Hare (doctoral student fellow in neuroethics, GSU) was recently featured on the Neuroethics Women (NEW) Leaders website (access link here). The NEW Leader network reaches out to women scholars in a variety of disciplines including (but not limited to) psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, law and policy.  The NEW Leaders site provides opportunities for sharing recent work, collaborating and networking.  Neuroethics is a growing and interdisciplinary field so ANEC and the NEW Leaders are always looking for scholars with diverse backgrounds and interests to get involved.

Steph is excited that she came to GSU, because she was offered a one-of-a-kind opportunity to collaborate with scholars from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and law.  Currently, she is working on submitting a paper on the epistemological status of self-reports of happiness claims in the age of fMRI technology (coauthored with PhD adviser, Dr. Nicole Vincent).  She is looking forward to jumping into Dr. Jess Turner’s lab (GSU) in Summer 2014 to analyze data from clinical and non-clinical populations that experience auditory verbal hallucinations.  Please check out the NEW Leader’s post on Steph for more details!