Recent Publications

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ANEC would like to announce and highlight some of the outstanding work by current members by acknowledging some recent publications.

Dr. Karen Rommelfanger (Emory)Dr. Paul Root Wolpe (Emory) and John Trimper (Emory) recently had an opinion piece published in the first-tier electronic journal, Frontiers in Neuroengineering, in which they discussed the ethical implications of brain-to-brain interfaces.  You can access the full text of the article here.

ANEC member, Dr. Eddy Nahmias (GSU) was a collaborator on a project that explored current measures of assessing free will beliefs.  Nahmias and his collaborators also considered new directions and potential tools that could be used to measure free will beliefs in the future.  A link to the abstract can be found here.

Finally, ANEC’s own Dr. Nicole Vincent (GSU) has three papers coming out that examine normative and conceptual questions related to cognitive enhancement, and the current and potential impact of direct-brain-interventions.  The impact no doubt extends to criminal offenders, judges, clinicians, mind scientists, other researchers in Neurolaw and even the general public.  You can access each of these articles using the links below.

Santoni de Sio F, Robichaud P & Vincent N A (forthcoming) Who should enhance? Conceptual and normative dimensions of cognitive enhancement,  Humana.Mente: Journal of Philosophical Studies.

Vincent N A (2014) Restoring Responsibility: promoting justice, therapy and reform through direct brain interventions, Criminal Law and Philosophy, 8(1):21-42.

Vincent N A (2014) Neurolaw and Direct Brain Interventions, Criminal Law and Philosophy, 8(1):43-50.